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Investment Strategy

Vision statements are easy, strategy is a little tougher, execution will differentiate the winners from the losers.

– Lou Gerstner

This quote from Lou Gerstner best describes the unique approach taken by Empresario Capital. As operators first, we recognize that it takes a lot more than a great vision and strategy to build a successful business. Our five stage approach helps to ensure that Empresario creates a win-win situation for each stakeholder.

The first step is about people. We seek to build a relationship with the owner and senior executives built on trust, matching values, and mutual respect. This relationship lasts long after the closing of a transaction. We want everyone involved to be proud of what we accomplish together, and the legacy it leaves for your business and its customers.

Secondly, we seek to understand and appreciate what makes your business unique. The history of your business is important to us and we want to know the stories behind your success – the how’s and why’s of how you got to where you are today.

Thirdly, we leverage your expertise to augment our knowledge of your industry. We learn about your competitors, your short term opportunities and challenges, and the long term trends that impact your customers and the execution of your business strategy.

Our fourth step is to gain a deep knowledge of your customers and your value proposition. We want to get to know your customers, their habits, how they purchase your products and services – even what they think of you. We also want to know how your customers’ spending and behaviour impacts your financial performance. We learn about your sales mix, your margins, what it costs to deliver your products and services, and your historic financial performance and its potential.

The fifth and most important step in the operator first approach is to create what we like to call “The Quad.” The transaction must create a win for everyone involved – the current owner or shareholders, the employees, the customers, and Empresario.