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We’ve worked in the plant, driven the truck, cooked the food, changed the oil, dug the ditch, cut the grass, washed the windows, and cleaned the bathroom – not just as employees, but as owners.

Empresario is unique in that we bring hands-on experience and perspective from all sides of a transaction. We’ve literally done it all:

  • grown a business from infancy to fielding calls from New York Private Equity firms offering to buy it for fifteen times EBITDA.
  • invented brands and we’ve rejuvenated brands. We’ve grown brands internationally and have divested of brands when the time was right.
  • hired thousands of people during periods of growth and restructured during periods of change.
  • addressed an audience of thousands about our strategic expertise and have sat at a kitchen table to help a family refinance their farm.
  • started businesses from scratch and have taken existing multinational businesses public. We’ve negotiated with the biggest investment banks and law firms in the world and also the lawyer & accountant working alone in an office on Main Street.

We are unique. We are as comfortable in work boots as we are in dress shoes.

We are the one stop shop for Strategy, Execution, Attitude, and Growth.