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Energy Productivity for Commercial Buildings

Kambo Energy Solutions is an innovative Vancouver based green-tech company that believes business is a tool to do good. Built by energy savings experts, Kambo is raising the bar for Energy Productivity in commercial buildings.

Energy Productivity is a relatively new term that describes an exciting new opportunity for businesses to increase the output AND decrease the costs of their energy consumption – creating win-win solutions for business and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

In practice, this translates in to improving the performance of buildings while significantly decreasing utility costs. Kambo works closely with commercial building owners and operators to evaluate, calculate, install, and monitor opportunities to reduce energy costs and improve operations. Typical solutions include LED lighting upgrades, building automation and controls, real-time energy monitoring and benchmarking, heating and cooling improvements, behaviour changes, building envelope upgrades, and plug load reduction strategies.

Kambo’s innovative approach and ability to deliver cost savings and a healthy return on investment for it’s clients is driving growth and fuelling customer satisfaction.

"Kambo is an exciting opportunity to partner with family entrepreneurs who are subject experts in green tech and whose skills and values align and complement ours. Energy productivity is an area we are enthusiastic about because it has both a financial and environmental upside for customers."

– Al Cave