10 Places That Everyone Wants To Work At (And Why)

The best companies offer more to their employees than just a paycheck at the end of the month. In recent years, workplaces have shifted from the sole focus of getting work done, to finding the best ways to encourage employees and support them in accomplishing tasks. This change hasn’t quite trickled through every company, but the ones that do (and do it right) stand out. Sometimes even becoming some of the most competitive to work for. In fact, there are awards every year for the top 100 places to work in Canada. Below are a selection of this year’s winners and what makes them stand out from the rest . . .

10. Adobe Systems Canada

Known for their full suite of design and editing tools for every need, and by association, the poorly edited videos of people doing ridiculous internet challenges. Despite this, they provide a great place to work and grow. Tuition subsidies for relevant courses up to $10,000 are offered, along with formal mentorship, sit-stand workstations, and excellent parental leave options. 

9. Air Canada

Do they occasionally lose your luggage? Yes. But working for them is another story. Their head office was recently renovated based on employee feedback to provide the best possible workspace. Air Canada also supports several charities through the Air Canada Foundation, giving away $1.58 million to various financial grants. And of course, the biggest perks: personal shipping and air travel discounts with Air Canada. 

8. L’Oréal Canada Inc.

Get more than just luscious locks all the guys and girls are envious of by working at L’Oreal. Committed to supporting their employees professionally and personally, the company offers plenty of in-house training, online training, and even international training in addition to education subsidies. They also have an excellent flexible health plan with wellness spending of up to $450—because you’re worth it.

7. Canadian International Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

For the fourth-straight year in a row, CIBC has made the Top 100 Employers in Canada list. But what makes them so great? For one, they regularly recognize achievement and exceptional performance through their Achievers program. Other colleagues can nominate co-workers to be recognized for their hard work amongst other awards the company also hands out. Need financial assistance? The bank provides ways to save for retirement and even has a dedicated committee to ensure everyone’s needs are met for saving through a variety of policies.

6. Nature’s Path Food Inc.

While you might not consider a food company as your first place to work, you definitely should when it comes to Nature’s Path. Every year they have an annual health and wellness week where they give away free massages, biometric screenings, and more. The company also offers free, healthy Nature’s Path snacks for employees to munch on at work. Nature’s Path has a charity program dedicated to being a zero-waste company and even has an on-site garden where employees can practice gardening.

5. 3M Canada Company

Saving the world through their work and a quality workplace that supports their employees? It seems almost too good to be true, but that’s the case with 3M. Their volunteer social club has been in place for forty-five years, offering plenty of fun and unique events like a food truck day with subsidized lunches, dress-up days, and more. They also support their employees’ growth through various education programs put on by 3M, and a “Development Month” featuring interactive online training, live, virtual instructor-led sessions, videos, and panel discussions.

4. Shopify Inc.

Shopify knows happy workers equals productive workers, and they offer plenty of ways to bring smiles to their employee’s faces. Their head office has an indoor go-kart track, exercise room, cafeteria, and more. I mean really, who wouldn’t want a mid-day race around the track to get re-energized? Their benefits plan is excellent as well; in addition to their base plan, they offer $5000 per employee towards a health or wellness spending account, a charitable giving account, or retirement savings with the ability to choose what funds get diverted into each option.

3. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

If you don’t mind selling your soul to become a tax demon, there are plenty of advantages to working at the CRA. Of particular note are the retirement assistance and phased-in work options for those who are getting close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: retirement (of course). They also offer flexible work options with telecommuting, shortened and compressed work weeks, and a program in place for earned days off. Like many others on this list, they also support employee development allowing workers to take educational leaves of absence to pursue their own studies. 

2. Ubisoft Canadian Studios

Even if you’re not the most passionate about playing video games, Ubisoft still offers plenty of reasons to work for them. The locations themselves were designed with employees in mind, with opportunities to relax with vintage arcade games, mobile haircut and style services, and even instructor-led fitness classes. They are dedicated to building a community around their work as well with a social committee that organizes events like skiing in the winter, an end of the year party, and employee sports teams.

1. Pepsico Canada

Have you always wanted to have a lifetime supply of junk food you can munch on at work? Well then keep searching (and start eating more vegetables). However, consider working for Pepsico, because although you know them for Pepsi, and other brands like Gatorade and Frito-Lay, they are truly dedicated to providing great healthy living initiatives through online resources and coaching tools, plus 50% off gym membership subsidies. The company also has an excellent health benefits plan to retirees with no age limit and will even cover 100% of the premiums.


As you can see from this list, supporting employees, offering great benefits, and organizing fun company activities make businesses stand out. Building a great workplace is more than just these components though. Listen to your employees, support them personally, and build a community at work that people can be proud to be a part of!

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